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What is your hair care regimen?

I relax every 8 weeks with Affirm Super. I trim my hair every 6-8 weeks, which does slow my growth retention but allows my ends to stay thick and healthy. I use the Affirm Hair Maintenance system (Keracare) at home to maintain my hair.

I normally wash once a week. I slather a conditioner on dry hair (protein or moisturizing or both) and cover with a hot steaming towel (I used a twisty turban found at most drugstores) and plastic cap. After the towel cools, I shampoo with Keracare Dry and Itchy Scalp Shampoo, followed by Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo. I then apply some Keracare Dry and Itchy Scalp conditioner to my scalp, which keeps my scalp hydrated and itch-free throughout the week. I don’t like the medicinal smell of the conditioner so I then deep condition with Humecto under a hood dryer for 20 mins.

After I rinse out the conditioner, I put a shower cap over my soaking wet hair (I don’t towel dry). I apply a dime size of Keracare Leave-in Conditioner and a dime size of Keracare Silken Seal and use plain water to set my hair in rollers. I sit under the dryer (Pibbs 514) for 1 hour and 20 mins on 50 degrees. After, I take out the rollers, I gently blow out the roots, apply a pea size of Keracare Oil Moisturizer or Crème Headdress to the ends. I use a wide tooth comb to comb out the waves and wrap, using a paddle brush to smooth the wrap and a boar bristle brush to finish.

I wrap every week after a roller set and at night to keep my hair moisturized and healthy. During the week, I wear my hair down for a few days but then up in a huge bear claw clip or loose ponytail for the rest of the week. Every night, I apply a dime size amount of Keracare Crème Headdress and wrap, finishing with Keracare Oil Sheen.

Do you take any supplements? If so, what are they?

I take Futurebiotics Hair Skin and Nails vitamin as well as a multi-vitamin. I also try to drink lots of water and eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

Currently, how long is your hair and what is your hair type?

My hair is currently a few inches past BSL length. I am a relaxed bone strait 4 a/b.

What are the things that you feel have helped you the most in achieving and maintaining your hair length?

The most important part of my regimen is roller wrapping. It has allowed me to retain the most length and moisture than any of the other styling method I’ve tried. It’s cumbersome, messy and time consuming but my hair only started looking noticeably longer and healthier when I started roller wrapping exclusively.

Cutting Down on Heat: I roller wrap and try to trim frequently so that the roller wrap will keep its style all week, eliminating the need for a curling iron and blow dryer.

Using Good Products: I use try to use very moisturizing high quality products designed with relaxed African American hair in mind. They seem to hydrate my hair the best. They also need detangle my hair well as roller-setting does require combing and manipulation.

Condition, Condition, Condition: I pre-poo every time I wash to counteract the harsh washing process and deep condition every week with Humecto for moisture. Deep conditioning with protein made my hair dull and lack luster so I pre-poo with it instead.

Consistency: I use the same line of products every single week until I run out.

Using Less Products: I recently found that using less product allows my hair to look shinier, feel healthier and ‘swang’ better



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