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What is your hair care regimen?

I wash and set mainly once a week in the winter, when it gets warmer I may increase it to 2 or 3 times a week then I tend to “wash and go”. Normally, I roller sets never blow drying damp hair. Otherwise I will do air dried buns when I am extending my relaxer and for a different look I will do “wash and gos” or braidouts.

I deep condition with a variety of products, when I first started growing healthy hair, I used Miss Keys 10 en 1, a Dominican product widely used here and elsewhere. After learning more through friends and the LHCF, I found other deep conditioners that have different uses. The 10 en 1 mainly restored my hair and made it strong and healthier and allowed me to retain my ends. Some others to try, Toque Emergencia, Alter Ego Garlic treatment, Nacidit Coconut treat, Whale Sperm (yes, whale sperm, it’s the oil from the Sperm Whale) Silicon Mix, D’Fina 11 en 1

Since joining the Forum I have experimented, but I would say this one would be my first recommendation for someone new to the Dominican products. It has 10 ingredients to restore the hair and rebuild your strands.

The moisturizers I use are mainly Mizani Shyne, a spray, and the Mizani Scalp treatment (after the first few days after I wash) then on day 4 or so I will use something with more weight, like Hollywood’s Castor Oil conditioner lately, or in the past Keracare’s Glossifier, sometimes the Keracare Jojoba Oil moisturizer. I recently discovered Sedal’s Anti-Sponge combing cream, which is a moisturizer that prevents hair from getting puffy and frizzy. If you have “spongy” hair, like mine, then this could work for you. I love the results I have gotten so far although some people have reported negative results, so like everything, results vary.

I also have experimented with cheaper alternatives to Mizani scalp treatment, it is a bit pricey, so I have mixed my own in the bottle, with Grapeseed Oil, Hollywood Carrot oil also Avocado Oil from the health food store. Also, in predominantly Latin communities you can find individual oils that they sell for this purpose, or for deep treatment. For instance, Wheat germ, Rosemary, Turtle oil, Cinnamon and countless others to treat and condition the hair, meeting specific hair needs.

I have been using Affirm Sensitive Scalp for years with no problems. I get my hair relaxed every 11 to 12 week cycle. I don’t think it is bone straight, I don’t ask them to do it straight anyway and my hair always regains is curl so either I have very resistant hair or they aren’t relaxing bone straight, I don’t know which.

As far as heat appliances, I only use a hooded dryer for sets (Babyliss), a Turbo blow dryer for my roots only, and when I am 7-8 weeks post, or recently I stopped using a blower for a FHI Flat iron, only on my roots, to smooth out the demarcation and roller marks.

I have been paying extra attention to my edges, I am concerned about future thinning so I use a conditioner on them at night. Sometimes Surge moisturizer mixed with Surge, or a creamy leave in, then tie it down with a rectangular scarf so it wraps only my hairline, for extra protection. Sometimes, I spray my edges with a liquid leave in or a creamy leave in depends on how I feel my edges need then I apply a conditioning gel. For instance, Smooth and Shine, Vontes Silk Effects or IC Fantasia, it depends on what my hair is doing, and I wrap with the scarf, for 10 to 15 minutes, but if I have to I will sleep with it but I like the results best after 15 mins.

Currently how long is your hair?

My hair is past my bra strap, (measuring from hairline to longest end in the back, it is 29 inches long) I believe my hair is type is 4a, thick strands and a lot of them, with a strong curl pattern. I believe my hair is pretty durable, since I have done a lot to my hair since my teen years and I haven’t suffered as much as one would think

Do you take any supplements, if so what are they?

I have taken Biotin, Silica, and a multivitamin regularly in this past and I definitely feel this helped stimulate hair growth, I have read if you have enough of these nutrients in your body than the excess goes to hair, skin and nails. For me it worked, I saw results and others saw results. As of lately, I have gotten very lazy and I notice my hair has suffered. I don’t feel the elasticity and the strength in my hair. I have no excuse except that I reached a personal goal and have gotten lazy, so I need to begin my vitamin regimen again.

Since joining the LHCF, I used MSM, and I added Flaxseed oil, Evening Primrose Vitamin E and Foti (liquid) into my stash, so I must start taking them again.

What are the things that you feel have helped you the most in achieving and maintaining your hair length?

I believe learning to be careful and gentle with my hair has helped tremendously. In the past, brushing the hair down roughly was a regular thing. Now, I use a soft boars bristle brush and I gently put my hair in place as opposed to plastering my hair in place with hard gels or brush strokes for that matter.



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