Congratulations to May 2006 Feature of the Month - MzLatisha


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What is your hair care regimen?

I wash my hair with Pantene for relaxed and Natural Hair. I also use Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner, and I use Infusium Leave-In Conditioner. Since I have been on LHCF I have not used too much heat on my hair. I will wash and condition in the winter about 1-2 times a week. then I normally twist my hair or put it in a bun. Deep condition is maybe 3 times a month because my hair gets very dry. I use coconut oil on my scalp and ends. and I wear a silk scarf to bed. Although it doesnt seem like much this is what i have been doing. and drinking lots of water.

I also try to get my hair trimmed every 3-4 months.

Do you take any supplements? If so, what are they?

  • MSM coated tablets-1500 mg
  • Women’s One a Day Multi
  • Evening Primrose Oil SoftGels-1000mg
  • Biotin 600mcg
  • Folic Acid 800 mcg
  • Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc

Currently, how long is your hair and what is your hair type?

My hair is currently a little past bra strap in the back and past the shoulders in the front. My hair is layered and I have been trying to grow these layers out. As for the hair type I would say that it varies from 2b to 3b. My hair is thick, wavy, and curly.

What are the things that you feel have helped you the most in achieving and maintaining your hair length?

Probably the most is taking vitamins and not using too much or any heat on my hair, and lots of protective styles. Also communication with other members that are trying to get to the same common goal of healthy hair.



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