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What is your hair care regimen?

I wash my hair every 3 days, religiously! I use either Mizani BotaniFying Conditioning Shampoo, Nexxus Botanoil Shampoo, or Cream of Nature Ultra Moisturizing Formula for Dry, Brittle or Color-Treated Hair. It took me a while to find shampoos that I could use frequently without causing damage or drying out my hair and so far I’ve found that I can use these 3 without worry. There are a lot of other great shampoos that I want to try like the Elucence, Keracare and Lanza shampoos. I’ve heard great things about them and will definitely try them in the future.

After every wash I always do a deep conditioning treatment with heat for 20-30 minutes. My #1 products for deep conditioning are Cathy Howe’s UBH Conditioner and ORS Hair Mayonnaise. These are products that I can use frequently and not worry about damage to my hair. Whenever I use the UBH conditioner, I always follow it up with a moisturizing conditioner. I use Mizani Moisturfuse, which I can’t say enough about, or Nexxus Humectress Moisturizing Conditioner for 10 minutes with a heat cap. My leave in of choice is UBH Dew, by Cathy Howes. It’s doesn’t detangle, but I love the way it leaves my hair shiny and bouncy. I spray it in my hair and let it air dry.

Once my hair is almost completely dry I use a large tooth comb to comb out my hair. Because I always wash and rinse out my conditioners in the shower, I don’t have a problem with my hair tangling. I cannot wash my hair in the sink because when I try to comb it back, I would always lose more hair than I felt I should. It was frustrating. This way I don’t have to worry about it. I usually get in and out of the shower 2 or 3 times during my hair washes, but for me it has been worth the effort. I am barely losing any hair during my washes and for me, that’s always great.

Once my hair is completely dry, I use a pea size amount of Mega Care vitamin E oil, (smells great!), rub it in my hands and massage it through my hair. I put a plastic cap on my hair for about an hour, and for protein conditioners, I use Nexxus Keraphix or Affirm 5 in 1 Reconstructor. I use these alternatively once every 4 to 6 weeks. Aphogee treatment for damaged hair is a big gun I only use if I’m experiencing extreme breakage and need something really strong. I am currently using Optimum Creme Relaxer formulated for color-treated and damaged hair, lye formula. I want to switch to Affirm or Mizani, but I have not been able to find a hairdresser that will cooperate with me and do what I want them to do and not what they want to do with my hair. So for now I will stay with the Optimum Relaxer. I usually relax my hair every 6-8 weeks.

Currently how long is your hair?

The front is between 5-6 inches long, the middle and back are 7 to 8.5 inches long. My goal is to have all of my hair the same length, to the bottom of my bra strap.

Do you take any supplements, if so what are they?

Yes, I do take supplements.

  • Evening Primrose Oil,
  • Flax Seed Oil,
  • Silica,
  • Pantothenic Acid,
  • Biotin,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Vitamin B-12,
  • MSM,
  • Zinc,
  • Centrum,
  • Ultranourishair.

What are the things that you feel have helped you the most in achieving and maintaining your hair length?

Moisture, moisture, moisture. I learned that to keep length, you have to care for your ends since they are the oldest part of the hair. If the ends keep breaking off, you will never achieve length. Simple, yet I never really made the connection. After I read that in Cathy Howe’s book, it made perfect sense! Ever since reading that, I’ve given the ends of my hair a lot of care and it has made a great difference.

I spray my hair 2 to 3 times a day with the UBH Dew, especially my ends, and I love it. I have also eliminated the use of the blow dryer and curling iron. I almost always air dry my hair. I sometimes use a dome dryer when I do a wet set, which I don’t do very often, but if I do a wet set on a day that I’m home, I prefer to do it early in the morning and let it air dry during the day. I only use a heat cap for my deep conditioners.

The lack of heat appliances on my hair, and the extra moisture I give my ends have helped tremendously to promote growth and a healthy head of hair.



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