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What is your hair care regimen?

I went natural in 1996 and have been texturized since 1997. Over the past couple of years I’ve provided most of my own maintenance. Ironically, I’ve learned more in hair forums than in cosmetology school on how to care for AA hair (completed courses 3-03).

My goal since 2000 has been to allow my hair to grow as long as possible with minimal damage. For styling, I use a shea butter/ castor/avocado/jojoba oil/rosemary oil blend, Pantene R&N or Suave Hair Vibe(Pear) Conditioner and Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Gel. I often substitute my homemade butter blend for castor oil, Carol’s Daughter Cocoa Butter Body Jam (Jamaican Punch) or Mimosa Hair Honey.

I rarely wear straight and let air dry as often as possible. When I wear a ponytail or updo I also use Ampro Marcel curl wax and Ampro dark brown gel around my edges, brush back with boar bristle brush, then set with a scarf to create the waves and flatten hairline. I always sleep in a satin bonnet, pantyhose with legs wrapped around head or polyester /silk scarf.

Favorite shampoos are Crème of Nature Herba Rich, Aveda Sap Moss and Doo Gro Moisturizing w/ added rosemary extract drops. I usually shampoo twice a week and condition with Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner, Pantene R&N Conditioner, Suave Hair Vibe or Tropical Coconut Conditioner.

When my hair is rinsed and sopping wet, I add a little oil, about 3 marbles of conditioner, detangle with a wide-tooth comb, then add gel (half-dollar size). I smooth out hair between palms. If I still see frizz, I’ll add a little more conditioner and water and smooth again. When dry it’s curly and full. I always add castor oil or olive oil to deep conditioning treatments. Favorite is Kenra Moisturizing conditioner.

For reconstructing I also add castor oil to Sebastian 2+1, ORS Hair Mayonnaise, Lanza Reconstructor or Joico K-Pak. If I don’t have time to condition with heat I’ll put a plastic cap over conditioner, wrap a towel around head and leave overnight. Other products I like are ISO Bouncy Creme, Rusk Wired, Carol’s Daughter Tui Hair Oil, coconut oil, and BBD Glass. Good scalp greases are Dark & Lovely Naturals Honey Kissed Hair Dress (thin) and THUG Dime Piece Grease (thick).

I never comb hair without oil and conditioner to help with detangling. My hair loves moisture so I keep it drenched and concentrate on ends. I always use my butter-oil blend, CD product or castor oil as a “base coat” for whatever my style is.

Currently how long is your hair?

About 11-14” 3c/4a.

Do you take any supplements, if so what are they?

  • NOW Vit Min 100,
  • B-6 (200-300 mg),
  • Kal Silica Plus twice daily.

What are the things that you feel have helped you the most in achieving and maintaining your hair length?

Wearing hair in protective styles, wearing a scarf at night, keeping hair moisturized at all times. If my ends feel dry or ragged, I’ll deep condition, moisturize and wear pinned up for a few days.



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